Inaugural Canyons 50k

Donner Party Mountain Runners had a fabulous showing at the Inaugural Canyons 50k race, which was run through the canyons of the Historical Western States Trail out of Foresthill. The course is extremely challenging with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 feet of elevation gain. (Our GPS devices are varying quite a bit on the elevation measurements.)

Paul, Peter, Betsy, Pete and Todd at the start

Jennifer Hemmen rocked the course with a second-place finish in the women’s race. Club President Peter Fain led the way for the first half and posted a podium finish with third place. Paul Sweeney and Geoff Quine also killed it on the tough course, both posting top-10 finishes. Betsy Nye, Helen Pelster and Amy Lapierre all finished strong as well.

Sharon Fong found a few extra credit miles on the course and thereby posted her longest run to-date (about 34 miles) and her most vertical in one day. Congratulations, Sharon!

Meanwhile, Vice President Pete Broomhall and his wonderful family earned a first place medal for their aid station at The Pump (miles 14 & 18). They served up the best grub with Pete’s secret running fuel: homemade rice bars with blueberries and white chocolate chips. Gretchen Brugman and Jamie Frink helped at The Pump and also greeted runners as they turned around at the Swinging Bridge.


Down at El Dorado Creek (miles 9 & 22), friend of the Club Todd Freitas was serving up huge smiles and cheers. Todd drove his Jeep down deep into the canyon and spent the day helping at the aid station.

Back at the start/finish, Club supporter Alpenglow Sports brought a spread of running gear and shared cold drinks. Everyone enjoyed the finish where we ate, drank and were merry.

Huge thanks and kudos to co-Race Director and Club Founding Member Chaz Sheya. The Inaugural Canyons 50k had all the elements of a successful ultra: challenging course, excellent course markings, great aid station staff, and a fun post-race scene.

Elsewhere, Tina Frizner conquered the ever-challenging Miwok 100k course. Joel and Mike Tebbutt spent the day up North at the Me-Ow Marathons! Early word is that Joel took first place – can’t wait to hear more about this adventure!

Next up: family camp-out at Bishop High Sierra. UNAFRAID.


    • Helen Pelster says

      Right on! Thanks for taking the helm, Tim. We’re all excited & have our campsites reserved.

  1. Mike Tebbutt says

    Thanks for the great report Helen! Glad to hear everything was such a success at the Inaugural Canyons 50k course and that much fun was had.

  2. Jennifer Hemmen says

    It was great to see you guys out there! Looking forward to more adventures together…I did run my dream by a fellow member (Peter perhaps?) of a snowshoe race involving someone wearing a polar bear suit, a BBQ grillout and a beer bar sculpted entirely out of snow and ice. Maybe a 2015 anniversary event!

    • Helen Pelster says

      Jennifer – love it! I think I would pass on the polar bear suit, but everything else sounds like a blast!

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